Brent and Kerri report on all the news that really matters, while focusing on the top 5 trending good news stories in the world. They chat to the Reach for a Dream team about their Slipper Day and the Kellogg’s breakfast campaign. Plus the usual Sympathy SleepOut™ catch-up.


160719 The Good stuff


Top 5 Good News Stories:

1. South Africans start a dance party at petrol station. Feel good video goes viral.
2. Incredible story on how a soup kitchen has evolved to an opportunity based centre creating jobs and changing lives
3. Official government car parks in disabled parking. Gets named and shamed… and clamped.
4. Guy takes his best friend diagnosed with cancer on one last incredible road trip
5. Tributes pour in for Gugu Zulu… a South African hero and inspiration.


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