The team interviews Colin McKenzie from the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Trust. Sharon O’Neill pops in to launch her new app, in aid of her charity Ependy Angels. The game was built for her 6-year-old cancer survivor Layla. Plus the usual Sympathy SleepOut™ catch-up.




Top 5 Good News Stories:

1. Car Guard restore faith in humanity for all South Africans… this is why we love this incredible country
2. Giving the gift of sight… thousands of reading glasses to be distributed to various organisations in need
3. One step at a time. South African hero continues to astound doctors with recovery.
4. Chewbacca Mom’s new video proves she deserves more than just 15 minutes of fame
5. South African campaign going viral globally for all the right reasons


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The Good Stuff – Colin McKenzie, Ependy Angels & Sympathy SleepOut™