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Celebrity twins Ntando and Hlelo Masina joined us as guest hosts on Tuesday 11 November from 2PM to 3PM. They dubbed their slot “#TheTwinvasion” so on that befitting note, we wanted to try to see how well these sisters actually know each other. We’ve all heard about twin-telepathy and all of the connotations that has, but how did the twins fare in our unique quiz?

We asked Ntando questions about herself and these were her answers:

What is your favourite colour? Red
What is your favourite artist or song? Tyga – Hookah
What is your favourite movie? True Lies
What is your favourite food? Lamb chops
What is your favourite TV programme? The Ellen DeGeneres Show

We then asked Ntando the exact same questions, but this time she had to answer what she thought were her sister’s favourites:

What is Hlelo’s favourite colour? White
What is Hlelo’s favourite artist or song? Beyoncé – XO
What is Hlelo’s favourite movie? The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas
What is Hlelo’s favourite food? Pasta
What is Hlelo’s favourite TV programme? Devious Maids

Ntando surprisingly got two out of five right. These were Hlelo’s answers:

What’s your favourite colour? White
What’s your favourite artist or song? Rihanna – Lost In Paradise (she did note Beyoncé as her second favourite)
What’s your favourite movie? The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas
What’s your favourite food? Indian curry
What’s your favourite TV programme? The Ellen DeGeneres Show

So we then turned the tables around and this is what Hlelo answered about Ntando:

What is Ntando’s favourite colour? Yellow
What is Ntando’s favourite artist or song? Sade – Kiss of Life
What is Ntando’s favourite movie? True Lies
What is Ntando’s favourite food? A cheeseburger
What is Ntando’s favourite TV programme? Martin

Well, I guess this is enough to prove that these sisters know each well enough as family in general, but the verdict is still out on twin-telepathy. What these two definitely know a lot about is hosting a radio show and you can listen to #TheTwinvasion by tapping PLAY below:


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