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Well-known South African radio DJ, club DJ and TV personality Fikile (Fix) Moeti stopped by for a chat on 21 November 2014. Given that most of the morning team had worked with her while at 5FM, the last thing they were expecting from her interview was to be stunned by some of the things she revealed about herself and her eclectic life.

This funky, fun and fearless female leads a busy life but has squeezed in a new passion – social entrepreneurship. She admittedly fell in love with the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems while studying at New York University. Soon after that she decided to come back to South Africa and change things here by enrolling at the Gordon Institute of Business Science and even going as far as establishing a competitive scholarship for Social Entrepreneurs who pursue entrepreneurial solutions for urgent social development challenges through fixscholarship.org.

As if that wasn’t surprising enough, Fix went on to casually tell us about her Tswana/Xhosa childhood, including an Irish nanny, her unconventionally romantic fiancé, her pessimistic anticipation of the festive season and even having toes up her bum!

Listen to Fix in her own words by tapping PLAY below:


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Funky, Fearless, Fun – Fix!

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