We love you, we really do and only want to keep you around for as long as possible so for this Friday the 13th, here are a few tips on how to avoid the “bad luck” bug. You’ve probably been told not to walk underneath ladders or not to break mirrors but here are a few more scenarios you should steer clear of and a couple of notes to remember to evade disaster – don’t ask any questions or judge – just accept that we’re here trying to help!

Starting things off, if you’re in Japan and a hearse passes you by, or you walk by a graveyard, immediately tuck your thumbs in to protect your parents. This is because the Japanese word for thumb literally translates as “parent-finger” and so by hiding it you are protecting your parents from death.

If you’re looking for a picturesque place to say áu revoir, we hope you aren’t leaning toward saying goodbye on a bridge because according to superstition you will then never see that person again.

Thinking of planning a visit to the hospital? Think again! The Encyclopedia of Superstitions says the best day to visit a hospital is a Wednesday (it goes on to explain that Mondays and Saturdays are the best and worst days to leave hospitals respectively).


Skip the “kissing at midnight for New Year’s Eve” idea if you’re in Spain. They rather recommend you eat twelve grapes to bring more good luck into your life for the year ahead.

This one is for the ladies: Apparently sitting on your skirt and having it produce that annoying pocket-like fold, means that good fortune will be coming your way.

Avoid chewing gum in Turkey because they believe you’d be chewing the flesh of the dead. Maybe just stick to mouthwash.


Always remember to leave your house using the exact same door you entered in otherwise you’ll be allowing bad luck into your life.

And supposedly dreaming of eating ham means that you’re about to lose something that is very close to your heart.

Next time you pose for a photograph with two other people, avoid standing in the middle because the middle person will apparently die first.

Sticking with the theme of “threes”, you should also avoid lighting three cigarettes with one match because that consequently brings bad luck – and with the cancer connotation, we wouldn’t test faith either.


So there you have it, ten tips that could save your life (or at least have provided some entertaining reading if you don’t believe in superstitions).

Have a safe and great Friday the 13th!


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How To Stay Safe This Friday The 13th

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