Brent and Kerri kick off the show with their regular catch up – reporting on all the news that really matters, while focusing on the top 5 trending good news stories in the world. They also chat to Palesa Mofokeng from the Queen Butterfly Foundation about the amazing work she does, and Kerrin Black about her various charity concepts.


160823 The Good Stuff


Top 5 Good News Stories:

1. Two-year-old Nigerian boy who was left to die makes stunning recovery
2. A father is reunited with his daughter after finding her at a homeless shelter
3. Woman starts an amazing campaign to find the ‘Dancing Man’ who was
body-shamed on social media
4. Donations pouring in for Darren August…a South African who may never
walk again after trying to stop a robbery
5. Teenage double amputee to run part of the Comrades Marathon #GoSandile


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The Good Stuff – Charity Concepts & Queen Butterfly Foundation