Do you know exactly what your child is learning at school? How involved are you in their actual education? The Afrika Tikkun Group has collaborated with Bambanani Sifunde to enhance the early childhood development educational experience. On this episode of #LifeWithLebang, we sit with the masterminds behind this great initiative to find out what makes it truly game-changing. Marc Lubner is the CEO of the Afrika Tikkun Group, and together with CEOs of Afrika Tikkun Bambanani, Tessa Forman and Theresa Michael, the curriculum was born. Both Tessa and Theresa are accomplished professionals with distinguished careers in the education industry, spanning over three decades each. They have both made significant contributions to the organisation’s mission of empowering disadvantaged communities through education and social services. They have implemented the Afrika Tikkun Bambanani curriculum into 200 early care centres, reaching almost 10,000 children and upskilling 800 practitioners.

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