South African foreign correspondent Al J Venter returned from the Central African Republic six weeks ago, having had personal experience of a Russian mercenary force that has virtually taken over an African state. The international community is now familiar with the activities of the Moscow-run Wagner Group, an exploitative military force that is currently active in several African countries - among them the CAR, Mali, Burkina Faso, parts of Libya and before that, Mozambique. In the process, mines and raw resources are being taken over by force and any opposition summarily dealt with, no questions asked. This Russian force also ingratiates itself with the government, gradually supplanting law and order with military force, and killing those who stand in its way, or are even suspected of opposing its will. How much longer is the world community going to allow these inhuman rights transgressions to continue? When are African nations themselves going to make a stand? Find out more in this compelling, exclusive interview.

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