Mark was born in Cape Town, South Africa and at age 7 started playing the guitar after being inspired by watching his uncle play. Mark’s love of music inspired him to learn not just the guitar but also the drums, trumpet and harmonica and while at school he played in several different school bands. In 2010, Mark went to the US and while at Disney world, after some encouragement from his wife, he entered ‘The American Idol Experience’ a shortened day-long version of the television show, which he won. Winning this competition entitled him to a Golden Ticket, which meant he was able to enter American Idol and go directly to perform for the judges. Mark was unable to return to the States for the Idols audition, however winning the competition at Disney World gave him the confidence to enter South African Idols where he was runner up. We wonder if he has been bitten by the travel bug, let’s find out.


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#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel – Mark Haze