After completing high school in Rustenburg, Blayze planned on pursuing a career in entertainment. His parents, worried about the stability of such a market, encouraged Blayze to pursue a degree at university first. He studied and graduated from a degree in B.Com marketing. He then pursued a career in the corporate world, although the calling for his true passion never wavered. In 2009 he quit his job and initiated a journey for his love of music. After a short break overseas and short stints in other areas of entertainment, to learn the ropes of his chosen career, Blayze set up his own independent record label, ‘Blayze Entertainment’. With his life motto being ‘Dream Big Hustle Hard’, Blayze set upon making a serious impression on the music industry after his accident, with his first single as a producer, ‘Jozi’s Finest’. Since then Blayze’s career continued to soar, let’s find out what is on his travel bucket list.


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#StartTheAdventure: The Big Question – Blayze