What if you left the country on a holiday to visit your spouse who was working in Zimbabwe to feed your family? What if suddenly you couldn’t come back home and had to leave your kids in the care of their grandparents in a South Africa that was being run into the ground by Jacob Zuma, who had become a lunatic dictator out to crush all opposition and get revenge on the whites? How about if the only work you could get in Zimbabwe was as an undocumented domestic worker or builder? Sound surreal? Not so much! This is exactly the reality of our guest Sibahle and many a Zimbabwean immigrant living amongst us. Join the Ma(i)de Sessions and Zim Conversations for a surprisingly breakthrough podcast which brings to light much of what South Africans take for granted.


160825 The Ma(i)de Sessions


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The Ma(i)de Sessions – Ma(i)de with Zim Conversations