Thursday logo buttonSteph Bester, Group CEO of The Unlimited, shares his CEO journey with us.

We ask: What don’t leadership or management books teach about being a CEO? What does it take to be a CEO? What do you want to say to that Future CEO who is listening right now? …and more.

Make sure to listen to this interesting and very informative discussion.

During this show you will learn:CliffCentral Future CEOs Steph Bester CEO The Unlimited Gareth Armstrong Hlubi Mboya Jump Branded

  • What Steph’s dad did that ended up teaching him lessons he would never have learned otherwise
  • How Steph applied the principle – Begin with the end in mind – when he started his career
  • Why The Unlimited has been voted the Deloitte Best Company To Work For, two years in a row
  • Steph’s worst mistake and biggest lesson
  • What his highest priority is everyday as a CEO
  • What he means when he shares that “Emotion always trumps logic” and “What will the humans do?”
  • and much, much more

Our guests and experts in the CliffCentral studio this week:

  • Steph Bester, Group CEO of The Unlimited
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Future CEOs – Steph Bester, Group CEO of the The Unlimited 04.06.15