“Keep Your Feet On The Ground And Reach For The Stars!”


He can almost single-handedly define “the business behind the music” in South Africa. He’s worked with iconic musos (and even interviewed John Lennon) throughout the years and is still active to this day, making a mark on local artists like Jimmy Nevis and Connell Cruise – The Gareth Cliff Show team was honoured to welcome the great David Gresham on the morning of 9 October 2014 for a conversation that transcended the boundaries of musical tastes and genres.

Gresham is a man of determination, humility and loyalty. Even with all of the great commercial success he’s garnered, he still holds the relationships he has with his loved ones close to his heart. With beaming pride he spoke about his wife, children, including his New York City-based daughter.

With more memories from working with a drummer whose leg got bitten off by a 3m long Great White Shark to representing steel-faced Simon Cowell, Gresham entertained us all, even earning comments on our WeChat official account like “Thank you David! My love for music started with you and ‘Pop Shop’ in 1976/77. I will always remember your voice and the ‘good feelings’ associated with it. Lovely memories. Thanks Gareth for this great interview” from Derrick Olivier.

Click PLAY below to listen in on the interview…

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Keep Your Feet On The Ground And Reach For The Stars!