Our planet is home to an almost incomprehensible amount of living creatures. But there’s arguably only one animal that has the ability to generate fear, awe and controversy in equal measure: the shark.

Great Whites are either a danger to humans, the quintessential apex predator, or a problem that needs to be solved – taking a stand on any of those viewpoints means you’re going to come up against opposition from somewhere. And that’s because sharks are largely misunderstood.

In this podcast, we tell the story of the Great White shark from as many angles as possible: from the origin of their reputation as ruthless killers of humans, to their incredible trans-oceanic journeys; from their part in marine ecosystems, to their international TV stardom… and even their influence on our economy.

Extra info:

Flake & Chips awareness campaign
Dr Sara Andreotti’s SharkSafe Barrier project
Nolwazi Mabaleka’s dissertation on the contribution of shark cage diving tourism to the economy


Shark Stories


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Shark Stories: Part 2